Unlock Your
Divine Code
The genetic blueprint hidden in your DNA will reveal clues about your past, and help you better live your future.
Epigenetics empowers you with the answers to these questions:
  • How to eat and move based on your DNA?
  • Why one diet works great for some and not for others?
  • How to prevent disease before symptoms appear?
  • How to optimize your exercise and sleep?
  • Why some are naturally slim, while others aren’t?
End the Guessing Game!  The mystery of what makes you uniquely YOU, is now much easier to figure out.
Epigenetics:  The study of how lifestyle choices – such as diet, nutritional supplementation, thoughts and emotions, stress and coping, sleep quality and toxicity – can literally switch genes on or off, altering not only your health, but the health of your children and grandchildren and generations to come.
Better Results In Less Time With A Plan Unique To You!
Utilizing the Apeiron Array cutting edge DNA testing, we can help determine…
  • How to exercise to get the best results
  • Which foods work best for your body
  • ​How to optimize your sleep so you wake up feeling rested
  • ​Stress coping techniques specific to you
  • ​How to help support your body through whole food supplements
Lose More Weight & Build Lean Body Mass
According to a 2014 study by the European Society of Human Genetics, those who followed a diet based on their genetic profile lost 33% more weight with more lean body mass.

If you listen to your body, you instinctively know that what works for your friend doesn’t always work for you. Instead of trying a multitude of useless diets and wasting thousands of dollars, eliminate the guesswork and dial into your DNA to find what foods work best for your unique body. Stop fad dieting forever!

Customized nutrition and lifestyle plans based on your personalized DNA are the fastest way to get results so you can create your life's masterpiece!
Here are the Genomic Panels Dr. Nelson reviews:
Discover what macronutrients (fat, protein and carbs) and what micronutrients (vitamins & minerals) you need to thrive!
Nutritional Supplementation
Stop expensive self-medicating just because the natural foods store employee told you this is what you needed. Fine tune your supplementation to compliment your personal genetic needs.
Find out how to optimize your sleep quality so you feel more well rested and how to overcome your sleep issues and disturbances.
Learn how to support your bodies detoxification pathways to naturally rid yourself of brain fog and body aches and have more energy to feel lighter and happier.
Fine tune hormonal imbalances with more precision by understanding your genetic propensities. Identify specific techniques to enhance the ebb and flow of the way you feel, based on your hormonal balance.
Athletic Performance
Genetic predispositions can guide your training techniques and supplementation to take you to new levels of performance.
5 Simple Steps - Here's How It Works:
Genetic testing from most companies are focused on identifying ancestry data; mining and sharing that data, with potential privacy issues. While this information is fascinating to know, it provides little actionable information to utilize for health purposes, and lacks implementation strategies. Our Apeiron Array DNA testing is focused on the high impact genetic data that is most likely to apply to your lifestyle choices: Nutrition, Supplementation and Sleep builds the foundation. Other advanced testing can optimize and enhance your lifestyle such as Detoxification, Athletic performance, and Hormones. We are also continually adding and updating this information to get the most out of understanding your personal genetic blueprint.
  • STEP 1:  Get your Apeiron DNA kit mailed to you and complete your genetics saliva test with just a cheek swab in the comfort of your own home. Specific instructions will be given to you for return shipping to the lab. The lab knows you only by a barcode, protecting your personal information.
  • STEP 2:  Your results will be analyzed by a Certified Apeiron Epigenetics Coach who will help you learn about why certain lifestyle modifications are right for you! Your data is saved on a separate server and erased after 3 months. It is not shared with any other party!
  • STEP 3:  Get your customized plan so you know how to work with your unique body, not against it! Your bundle provides you with two 1-hour consultations. The first is called your “Foundation” to review your individualized 3-panel report with you. You will then be given questionnaires for a more in-depth understanding of your goals and aspirations.
  • STEP 4:  The second consult is called your “Framework” to build upon your Foundation and  review your purpose and passion, your why! This is crucial to create your life’s masterpiece. Understanding the emotional, spiritual and personality builds the framework on top of the foundation, for a complete understanding of how to achieve an optimal and enhanced state of living, not just existing.
  • STEP 4:​ Join a health coaching program to help you implement your unique lifestyle plan so you can stay on track and finally get the results to create your life’s masterpiece. This is where the rubber hits the road!
  • STEP 5:​ And finally, how your emotional epigenetics can play the most vital role in your Divine Code and creating your life’s masterpiece
Start Now!
"Balanced Living Genetic Blueprint" Bundle
Reg. $892
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* See List of Features Below
"Balanced Living Genetic Bluprint" Bundle
The Foundation and the Framework includes your Apeiron Array 3-Panel test, the most advanced Genetic Test Kit with over 500 genes, compiling of the raw data into one easy to read comprehensive report, with two 1-hour personalized consultations.
Custom dietary recommendations.
Panel 1:   Nutrition
Panel 2:  Supplementation Genomic
Panel 3:  Sleep Genomic
Your raw DNA data that contains over 746,000 genetic variants.
45 page full color report that contains detailed information on your exact nutrition needs.
Two 1-hour one-on-one consultations with Dr. Andy Nelson to go over your genetics and interpret the test so that you not only get the information, but you act on it to improve your life.
The Emotional Connection completes your Divine Code and elevates your life to an enhanced state, because what you think about, you bring about!
Welcome, From Dr. Nelson
Dr. Andy Nelson brings over 20 years of experience in health and fitness as a Chiropractic Physician, a Certified Emotion Code Practitioner, an Apeiron Epigenetic Human Performance & Precision Wellness Coach. He is a Competent ToastMaster and BSA Personal Fitness Merit Badge Counselor who has lectured on health subjects from A-Z, and walks the talk of health and fitness, with a desire to be young and play with his grandchildren. Dr. Nelson has always sought the underlying cause, preaching the potential pitfalls of drugs and surgery, and the philosophy of working in harmony with the body.

Thousands of people have sought out Dr. Nelson over the past 20 years for answers to their pain, physically, emotionally and nutritionally. He regularly went the extra mile to help them, many times researching specific answers to challenging problems that other practitioners had missed. Now called biohacking, individualized lifestyle medicine based on your genetic code is his new passion for combining science with natural healing and state of the art data, to bring novel results-based discoveries that offer insights into the human experience, with the ultimate goal of joy as our final destination.
Questions?  Contact info@drandynelson.com
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